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Welcome to Skyper Export

Our Sparkling Story

We had a vision to create a world-class diamond export company that would supply the most exquisite diamonds to customers worldwide. We had a team of skilled and experienced professionals who shared his vision, and together they worked tirelessly to turn Skyper export into a successful company. Despite stiff competition from other diamond exporters, Skyper Export continued to thrive. The company's commitment to quality and customer satisfaction earned it a loyal customer base.

A sparkling stone in the shape of love itself

Pear - rounded at one end with a point at the other

A round stone cut for maximum fire, brilliance and scintillation

Plump pillow-like appearance with large scintillating facets

Loved by our clients

I ordered a 1carat diamond pendant and it was hassle free, delivered on time and exactly what I wanted. I liked that I could choose my exact diamond and that it was fully certified. This website is giving value for money-non of these 70% discount scams that you see at high street jewellers which makes you wonder how much profit they make at the normal price
Jessica Sommer
Quality diamonds was very professional and responded quickly to my request and questions. Thank you.
Bryan Lambert
I have just received my second order from Quality Diamonds and just like the first time, everything was smooth and easy. The piece I received was truly beautiful and I can only recommend this company. Price, quality and service are outstanding.
Kristin Foster